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03 June 2011

Inilah Surat Terbaru FIFA yang Berkode Regenass

Dalam surat terbarunya, FIFA telah memberikan intruksi terakhir terkait persepakbolaan Indonesia. Diteken oleh Sekjen FIFA Jerome Valcke, di surat itu juga tertera kode Thierry Regenass, sosok yang tak asing lagi di sepakbola Indonesia.

Seperti diwartakan sebelumnya, surat bertanggal 30 Mei 2011 telah dikirim FIFA via faksimili kepada Ketua Komite Normalisasi (KN) Agum Gumelar. Isinya adalah instruksi-instruksi FIFA serta potensi sanksi yang dihadapi Indonesia jika kongres pemilihan kembali menemui jalan buntu.

Surat itu lantas ditutup dan ditandatangani oleh Sekjen FIFA Jerome Valcke. Tetapi di awal faksimili, selain ada kode SG (Secretary General) juga ada kode TRE yang merupakan inisial dari Thierry Regenass, Direktur Keanggotaan dan Pengembangan Asosiasi FIFA.

Citra Regenass di Indonesia sendiri sejauh ini bisa dibilang tidak positif. Ia dinilai sebagai sosok utama di FIFA yang pernah melanggengkan Nurdin Halid di posisi Ketua Umum PSSI saat mengesahkan Statuta PSSI pada kongres di Ancol tahun 2009 lalu.

Dalam Kongres PSSI 20 Mei 2011 lalu, Regenass juga hadir sebagai observer dari FIFA. Di kesempatan itu ia dihujani protes dari sejumlah peserta kongres yang tidak puas dengan alasan FIFA melarang pencalonan George Toisutta dan Arifin Panigoro.

Berikut surat FIFA kepada KN dalam bahasa aslinya:

Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI)
Mr Agum Gumelar
Normalisation Committee

Fax: +621 5734386 / +62215704287
Zurich, 30 May 2011

Decisions of the FIFA Executive Committee

Dear Mr Chairman,

Following the latest events which surrounded the Football Association of lnconesia (PSSI), the case was debated during the FIFA Executive Committee meeting held on 30 May 2011 in Zurich.

The FIFA Executive Committee regretted that your efforts did not yield the expected results and that the footbail situation in Indonesia was still characterised by deep turmoil. It took also note of the obstructive attitude of some members who prevented the elections from taking place during the elective congress on 20 May 2011.

The FIFA Executive Ccmmittee was as well briefed on the concerns of the highest Indonesian authorities with regard to their fear of potential adverse consequences and the subsequent commitment by the Head of State made to the Chairwoman of the Indonesian National Olympic Committee that FIFA conditions would be fully implemented from now on.

Under these circumstances, the FIFA Executive Committee decided to grant PSSI a last chance to fulfill the conditions of FIFA or to face an automatic suspension as of 1 July 2011. The FIFA Executive Committee thus decided to extend the deadline of the PSSI normalisation committee until 30 June 2011 with the following mandate:

* to organise elections of new office bearers according to the relevant regulations and previous FIFA decisions (see our letters from 4 April 2011, 21 April 2011, 6 May 2011, 11 May 2011). In particular the four banned persons remain ineligible
* to bring the breakaway league back under the control of PSSI or at least have it stopped. The FIFA Executive Committee stressed that the continuation of the LPI league constitutes a serious threat to the basic principles of organised football and thus cannot be tolerated.

Should these conditions not be met by the set deadline, the PSSI will be automatically suspended as of 1 July 2011 until further notice. In this case, the FIFA Executive Committee delegated to the FIFA administration the authority to change the composition of the PSSI Normalization Committee, in consultation with the AFC.

We would like to underline that a PSSI suspension would mean that the PSSI would lose all its membership rights (cf. art. 12 of the FIFA Statutes). In particular, no Indonesian team of any sort (including clubs) could have any international ccntact (cf. art.14 par.3 of the FIFA Statutes). This would thus prevent Indonesia from participating in the upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and also probably prevent its participation in the upcoming SEA Games. But it would also mean that neither PSSI nor any of its member or official could benefit from any development programme, course, or training from FIFA or AFC any longer.

We wish you and the other members of the normalisation committee a very successful completion of your mandate.

Sincerely yours,

(tanda tangan Valcke)

Jerome Valcke
Secretary General


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